Harvest Creative Website Design & Illustration

while working for Harvest Creative

The challenge to create a parallax scrolling site that was fun, different and worked on older versions of mobile web browsers (the current models of that time) proved to be an exhilarating project. On of my favorite websites I've worked on. Once the site was ready to go live we added a nod to the original Harvest site we designed by including a completely different color scheme on the scrolling pages dependent on when the user visits the site.

website: harvestcreative.com

  • Owner/Parnters Daniel Brown & Andrew Holliday
  • Concept Andrew Holiday & Michael J. Hildebrand
  • Design, Illustration & Coding Michael J. Hildebrand
  • Copywriting Andrew Holiday & Hunter Mitchell
  • Original Harvest Creative Logo Daniel Brown
  • Updated Logo Mike Force

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The Art & Design of

Michael J. Hildebrand